About Me


I’m lead technology programmer at Tag Games, Dundee since 2009 and in charge of engine design. A connoisseur of Irn-Bru, Curries and Kerplunk and a devourer of programming books and badly written, crime fiction. I’m infamous at the office for my brightly coloured, flowery shorts (complete with translucent, blue legs) and my game jam onesie.

I love learning new techniques, languages and styles and I’m always interested in other programmers opinions and debates. I always strive (though not always successfully) for clean, elegant and simple code and I’m a big advocate of writing software for humans and not machines.

This site will host my ramblings, projects and learning; and is not necessarily for anyone else but myself. Jeff Atwood stated that writing a blog changed his life…so I figured it’s worth a shot.

If anyone finds anything useful or thought provoking then feel free to get in touch: scott.downie@live.com